Praise Used As A Weapon?!

We already know that you can be controlled by put downs, but did you know, you can also be controlled by receiving praise too?

Sometimes abusive partners will use positive reinforcement to control you. They will do this by making you feel like the most amazing person in the world in the beginning of the relationship for the smallest things. This sets expectations and you feel like you’ve really let him and yourself down if you don’t keep it up.

He will give you praise for certain behaviours that he finds beneficial to him, but never compliments behaviours which are only beneficial to you.

A bit like a dog trainer, he will praise you for doing what he wants you to…and then you feel good, so you keep doing these things.

He also might use this technique to isolate you…He might say things like “you’re far too intelligent to be hanging around with the friends you have”…Sneaky ‘ay!?

He might also become rather sparse with praise he gives you, so then you miss it and become addicted to doing whatever you can do in order to hear more. It becomes like a drug habit…You get hooked on trying to win his approval. Have you ever seen that episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ when Sheldon tries to condition Penny? Take a look…

Unfortunately we do all crave praise in life, especially when we’re in a shitty place, so this technique really does work…very easily.

Look out for the way he compliments you and see if he really is being genuinely nice to you or if he is just trying to condition you! You might be quite shocked.

I Will Be Lonely…

So many women, who are in abusive relationships have this secret fear of being lonely if they leave…The truth is, you’re lonely now! Where is your emotional support? You’ve pretty much fucked off everyone you had in your life before hand or hardly ever see them and missed out on anyone decent you might have met since…

This is another stupid core belief we have because of bloody movies and songs that we hear every day. We think we need a partner to stop us from feeling lonely…A partner is just one person…Think logically about how many people you could have in your life if he wasn’t in it! Girl…that’s not loneliness!

Did you know that on average, single women are happier than women who have partners?! Yeah for real! You know why? Because women tend to feel they get most of their emotional closeness and physical affection through friendships. They also claim to have had their most intimate conversations with friends. Another reason is because women tend to work harder on relationships than men,so they feel more valued by their female friends. Therefore guys…the only sensible reason to be in a relationship is because you actually want to be and not just because you fear the alternative.

The Techniques He’ll Use To Get You Back…

A lot of people in our society think that getting out of an abusive relationship is easier than getting out of a normal one…They are so wrong! They think that leaving an abusive man must be easier because, well, why would anyone want to be with a wanker?! Surely they can just walk away and never look back…The reality is , that it’s much harder to get out of an abusive relationship, because not only can it be dangerous, but also because he has all these little techniques that he uses and it makes it really hard to get out in the first place but actually even harder to stay out once we’ve left! If you’re thinking about leaving your abusive partner then you need to make plans for how you’re going to dodge his obstacle course. Below I have listed a few things you should take into consideration, that he may try…

•He might get into another relationship really fast, knowing that it will upset you…not because you want him, but because you will feel like you’re totally worthless and replaceable and it will probably hurt, no matter how much you believe he’s an arsehole that you’re better off without.

•He might suddenly drop in weight and stop looking after himself and tell you he can’t live without you. It’s making him ill and that he has realised what he’s done and is so disgusted with himself that he has become depressed and stopped eating and respecting himself and the only thing that could help him is if you returned to him and lived happily ever after (even though he has no intention of going to get real help).

•He might constantly contact you and tell you he ‘just wants to be your friend’ or ‘just wants to make things up to you’ or ‘just wants to meet up and talk’ but then when you agree he will just feel a surge of that power he’s always had over you and quickly return to disrespecting you and your boundaries and it’ll be too late because he will have already convinced you to tell him where you’re staying or already convinced you to kiss him for the first time again or taken you somewhere nice and convinced you things are changing. The whole “oh he’s just being romantic” bullshit will start all over again.

•He might be really threatening and aggressive and tell you if you don’t go back to him he will hurt you, your family or friends or himself (you know…because ‘he loves you so, very much’).

•He might act like he used to be when you fell in love with him in the first place and promise you the bad times are over and say that he was just really stressed and that he’s realised that now and it won’t happen again.

•He might threaten to get custody of the children by lying to show what a shit mother you are.

There are hundreds of things he will try…You have to stay strong and believe in yourself…YOU CAN DO THIS ALONE! If you have managed to survive in an abusive relationship for this long there is no way that surviving in ‘normal’ life will be too much for you!

The Jailer.

I’ve chosen this lovely quality to talk about in more detail first, because I just so happened to have been talking to someone about this last night.

The Jailer has so many tricks up his sleeve, it’s unreal. When people talk to me about controlling relationships and they say my absolute personal favourite line… “Why didn’t she just leave him?!”, I like to try to explain to people, who haven’t been there themselves, that although from an outside perspective (not just family and friends but even strangers) it appears utterly ridiculous to continue to stay with someone whom apparently treats you so badly, that actually they have probably experienced so much of ‘The Jailer’s qualities’ that they don’t feel they can leave…

The jailer does not like you to leave the house…and after being, well ultimately brainwashed, subtly at first and then more and more over time, you feel like there’s no way out. I mean, there are all different levels of this, as there is with all of the abusive behaviours. Some men will go all the way and literally lock you in the house for years (Yes this does actually happen!) and others will let you out sometimes, for a price (you have to do something for him or spend half of whatever money you might have scraped together to go out, on him, so you run out half way through this time you spend out and feel embarrassed and decide ‘all by yourself’ you won’t bother next time) usually he will stay at this level if you have a family or friends already around you that would notice if you were just gone completely. I definitely, personally believe, that this is one of the 8 characteristics that really set you up mentally, to truly believe that you can’t leave him.

They might do/say any of the following…

•Refuse to care for the children or care for them inadequately so that you don’t want to leave them with him again.

•Tell you that, he just wants you to throw a sickie and stay at home with him because he loves to spend time with you.

•Ring you at work to get you into trouble (this also reminds you, you can never really be away from him! He will always be inside your head) and you have to answer or, Christ, you’d get a bollocking when you got home.

•He might delete your work from the laptop so you have to make excuses to not go in and then spend lots of time, stuck in, doing it all again.

•Change the clocks around the house, so that you end up being late and then put them all back again and claim to not know what happened and says you must be “going mad”.

•Make a huge deal and create lots of arguments if you work with other men.

•Persuade you that you should stay at home and give up work, because he wants to look after you. He will even use this one if he’s unemployed himself!

•He might go out and ‘accidentally’ leave his keys at home and doesn’t know how long he will be out for, so you have to stay home to let him in or he might take both sets so you wouldn’t be able to lock the door to go out or get back in again.

•He might ‘forget’ to take the pushchair out of the boot of the car, before he drives off for the day, so you’re stuck home not able to go anywhere.

•Hide your clothes or shoes or if he’s made you put on weight or lose weight he might not let you buy new clothes to fit…(Yep, this happens too). Some men have actually joked that “The secret to a successful marriage is to, keep her pregnant and hide her shoes”!

•Leave you so many chores before you can go out that he knows you’ll have no time once you’ve finished them all.

•There has even been cases, where Jailers have trained dogs to not allow a woman to move from a certain spot in the house!

•Checks the mileage on the car and questions every extra inch you may have driven or demands to see train or bus tickets.

•maybe he will video call you, to see where you are.

•He might time you to see how long you’ve been.

•Maybe he installs security cameras around the house so that ‘he can keep you safe’ and watch what you do from his phone or other device throughout the day.

•He may make sure to put others off coming to visit you or stop you inviting them by, Walking around in his pants, being slightly rude to guests, ignoring them to watch T.V. or play his Xbox, Sulk before they arrive and after they leave, go and sit in another room so that you have to make excuses for him, Sometimes when he’s in another room, guests might ask if hes alright and we will say something like “yeah, he’s just shy” or “he’s just come home from a night shift” this will put others off staying long or coming back.

•He might start arguments with family or friends and tell you he was only sticking up for you, because they had behaved controlling towards you.

•He might seduce our friends or family either sexually or into thinking he’s a perfect gentleman, so that if or when we tell them he’s an arsehole, they think it must be you.

•He might say that our friends or family have tried it on with him!

•Tell you your friends don’t really like you and use you.

•Cause a huge argument over nothing when you’re getting ready to go out.

•Maybe he gives you a look or even says outright you look bad/fat/ugly etc. once you’re ready.

•He might insist on having sex with you before you go out and not let you wash afterwards.

•Check your underwear once you’re home.

•Turn up wherever you are to “surprise” you.

•He may insist on coming everywhere with you. Some people think this means he’s devoted and he loves you and it’s sweet.

•Suggests moving away…It would be “romantic” or a “fresh start”.

These are just a few of the things I’ve heard about or read. The Jailer really is a twat! He has this belief that we’re all a bunch of slags and that if we’re around other men or sometimes women too, that we will definitely end up having sex with them…(which is funny really, because he’s usually already told you at this point how ugly and disgusting you are and that you couldn’t get anyone else and are lucky to have him…this is cognitive dissonance which i was note at the end of this blog). He believes that men should be in charge and that women are like pets. Women can’t do real work and they work so much harder because their job might be more physical. He will be pissed if we earn more than he does and act like you’re just lucky, not that you’re actually good at what you do. He knows that women should be kept at home out of sight.

The Jailer will probably get most of these beliefs from experiences from an early age. Many of us may have grown up in families where the man goes to work and the woman stays at home and cooks and cleans and brings up the children. Also when men watch their favourite sports, it’s usually Football or Cricket or other sport which are mainly televised as a man’s game, again separating us and making it look as though we’re not able to play just as well as a man. There are many other social reinforcements as well to keep them thinking they’re much more important. We have things like WorkingMEN’s clubs and Gentlemen’s Clubs (Strip clubs)…all subtly and subconsciously reinforcing then that men are ‘above’ women. I mean look back, not actually so long ago and women couldn’t even vote! Women weren’t always allowed to attend University or get a Degree either. This makes hearing things from our elder’s like “It’s a man’s job” or “You work and you’ve got kids!?” so commonplace. I think we’ve only just, very recently gotten rid of the option to click on “housewife” on online forms and replace it with “house person”…and I think actually, some online forms do still have the “housewife” option? These things sound silly but again, they’re all little triggers to a Jailer to make him keep believing he’s right.

We ourselves encourage this believe he has!!! Remember when you first met and he said things like “I want you all to myself this weekend” and you interpreted that as ‘so romantic’? We didn’t question the fact that he wanted to keep us away from others because we didn’t realise that was the case back then and set boundaries…once you’ve gotten into a relationship without setting boundaries, it’s very difficult to then implement them later. Also later on into the relationship we feel grateful if we do go out because he’s let us. We say things like “I’m allowed out this weekend, if you’re free”…The use of words like “let” and “allowed” illustrates how we actually, kind of believe ourselves that he has the right to stop us! Some women criticise others for often going out without their partners.

Once the Jailer has us head fucked enough, we end up losing all ambition and self-esteem and we might not even want to go out. We lose our financial independence and our family and friends have been pushed away and then we feel totally stuck…after all where would we go or how could we afford to leave?! We might start to put on or lose weight, start using drugs, drinking a lot, lose strength of character and absolutely hate ourselves and give up and accept that this is just our lives now.

When we have pushed our family and friends away we have nobody to talk to anymore, no help or support, nobody to ask for help and we feel immense loneliness.

Again…This is NOT normal!!!! None of it!!! So look out for these things from the absolute second that you meet someone! Even if you have no plans tell him you do and will have to arrange the second date for the day or weekend after…If he’s a normal man, this will not put him off…you can still spend lots of time with him but make sure he knows you have a life too and need to get on with that sometimes without him! Oh and I personally recommend that you don’t sleep with anyone until you’ve had at least 5 dates…Some people think that sounds a lot nowadays but seriously…get to know them better first, because once sex happens the first time, it usually becomes more about sex for a while, than anything else…I didn’t let my fiance near me (apart from kissing goodbye) for almost a month and we had spent pretty much every other day for a good few hours together (between work and seeing my friends and family)…He was happy to do the same…and too much information I know, but MATE, did it make our first time so much more amazing (I remember every second like it was yesterday and we’ve been together 8 years).

If you identify with any of these points and you’re still inside this relationship please call someone or email me at

There are Domestic Abuse services in all counties in the UK and they’re maily 0800 numbers so they are free…There is also The National Domestic Abuse helpline on 08082000247 (which is also a free numbers from landline or mobile)…If you’re unable to phone because he is there then you can also also check out (Which again I cannot recommend enough it helped me change my whole life)… , and countless others. Each local Police service will have a domestic abuse unit with specially trained lovely people who won’t take anything you say any further IF you don’t want them to but WILL help you!

I’m going to publish this now and go back to work…I haven’t got time to proof read it but I will edit later if needed. for now I hope this helps even one person today. Much love x

Wow, I’m relieved that one’s over…

Shit…I can breath now…I’m feeling like I needed to do those last 2 blog posts and I’m truly sorry if it’s upset anyone, but, I want to get my point across as strongly as I could, that as much as you think you can predict someone else’s actions and think you know them….Well, you can’t and you don’t. People like him are shit and unfortunately things like this do happen more than other people realise! Since this happened to us (my daughter and I), I have spoken to and heard of countless other women who have been through similar situations and they never once, not in a million years, expected it to end that way, otherwise they would have definitely gotten help and gotten out before then!

We only really know ourselves and even then, sometimes we make mistakes and think shit why did I do that?!

Trust your gut, if something tells you “this doesn’t feel right”…You’re rarely wrong with gut feelings…I had a gut feeling he was a wanker for years but put up with it. I can’t even explain how much I regret that now!

He Killed My Baby…(Part 2).

O.K. I’ve had a bit of a break from this subject for a couple of days…I had actually sat back down a couple of times to continue, but ended up procrastinating for a couple of hours and then closing my laptop.

I’ve spoken about the basics 100 times, over the last few years, but I didn’t realise how big this would be, to really go into more detail about everything. I mean, I will never tell the whole story of what it was like and what happened day by day it would be impossible and take me 10 years, but, this is as ‘in detail’ as I’ve gone into it all, even with myself.


We got back to my Mother’s house that day at around 5pm. I was just so relieved to see my daughters face. I held her for such a long time and just sat thinking about how I never wanted to leave her ever again. I finally collapsed once she was asleep next to me (still at my Mum’s house…She had set up a bed for her in the lounge and we took the sofas because I didn’t want to go home). I woke up to my father coming in (My parent’s had divorced when I was about 2 or 3 years old and after a long, rocky relationship with this man, I hadn’t seen him for about a year)…He grabbed me and just held me for what felt like a really long time and as much as I didn’t like him, I really needed that at that time.

The next day, the police came to talk to us. My husband had gone into the garden to smoke a cigarette when they arrived, but. they sat down and started to talk to my Mother and I, they were incredibly gentle and sympathetic and they were careful how to go over the details of what had happened in the hospital 2 nights before. After a few minutes, I realised that my husband hadn’t returned yet and I asked if I should go and get him. It was then that I was told he had been taken and arrested on suspicion of murder! It hit me like a bus full of lead…I didn’t quite know how to process this information. They continued to tell us how They didn’t know if that was the case, or if it was a total accident at that time, but they could drop charges to a lower charge easily whereas it’s harder to raise a charge? (I don’t know)…So with this news 1000 thoughts and feelings overloaded my brain and I can’t really remember a lot else that was said apart from that he would be put on bail at his Mum or Dad’s address (100 miles away) and that there would be a ‘no contact’ bail condition.

After a few days I couldn’t help checking his Facebook account to see if I could monitor any activity and wishing I could write him a message to get some fucking answers, but I was too scared to break the rules, because, well, I was used to doing exactly as I was told I suppose?

I managed to guess his password a few days later and signed into his account…I wanted to see if he was stupid enough to have confided in anyone…The police had given me this idea when they had taken all of our laptops and his phone and told us that they would be checking to see if he had searched anything suspicious or spoken to anyone afterwards…All I found was a message to his ex-girlfriend, telling her she was looking good and asking if she was still single! Yep about 4 days after his son had died guys…That is what was important to him…nice one!

Anyway a few more weeks went by and a few hundred more interviews with police and social services and then, one night, I got a phone call from my friend. She told me to check my husbands status because she was worried…I looked and he had posted something along the lines of “I’m sorry, I can’t do this anymore, Goodbye”. So I called the police so they could check it out as I didn’t know what he had planned on doing…My sister had said to me “shit, do you think he will kill himself” and I can remember saying “No, don’t be stupid he’s probably sat in his car somewhere attention seeking and feeling sorry for himself, because for once, he knows that everyone sees him for the prick he is”.

The police rang early the next morning and said that they had managed to track his new phone’s signal to our area (I think they can get a much better pin point nowadays but back then it was like a 2 mile radius which makes things a lot harder)…They said they had been looking for the car but nothing had come to light yet and that they would keep us updated.

The next thing I knew the police were knocking the door again…They came in and sat down with us and told us that they had located his car hidden at the end of a disused driveway behind the road we lived on…They had then noticed a small pain of glass missing in our front door and as they looked through, they could see him…There he was 10 feet from the front door hanging from the staircase. When they told me I think they expected me to break down but actually the first thing I said was “what a selfish arsehole” and shook my head in disbelief that 1. this obviously made it look like he really was guilty, 2. he had left me and my daughter to pick up all the pieces and just pissed off free and 3. seriously, right there!? What if me and my daughter had gone home and we had opened that front door first!?!

I hated him…I can’t even explain how much! I mean you treat your wife like shit for years firstly…but you then kill your own child…then 4 days after that, you try it on with your ex and then a few weeks later realise you’re fucked so you take yourself out of the equation and leave all the cleaning up to the people who did nothing wrong?!

Sorry, I could rant forever, but, he isn’t worth the time!

So, next was getting the results of my son’s autopsy…This literally took months! in fact, he passed away, 2 months later we were able to get enough of his body back together to have a funeral for him (they had sent off his brain to one part of the country to analyse, his heart to another, his lungs to another and his eyes to another…it was horrible) and then it wasn’t until another 4 months had passed until we got the results of the inquest.

Shaken until his brain and eyes bled, killing him.

It took me a long time to accept all of this deep down and it’s something you don’t “get over” you just deal with. It was 9 years ago now and I still cry sometimes and wonder what he would look like and what his favourite things would be. But I stay strong for my beautiful daughter because now she’s older, it’s come to light that it has really messed with her and we have a hell of a lot of work to do to help her get back on track. She has self harmed, been bullied over this, shut down, refused to accept certain other things in her life. It’s pretty fucking horrendous…But I am so, very proud of her and we will keep trying.

He Killed My Baby…(Part 1).

TRIGGER WARNING…I will be talking about the loss of my beautiful baby boy in this post. I found it extremely difficult to talk about for a while, but, if I can help anyone to realise how serious this shit can be then it’s worth it.

So, I was 14 & he was 18 when we met. He was the only person at that point who had ever given me any kind of real attention. I’d seen other boys for a short time but nothing really. I thought I was the shit having an older boyfriend & he would drive to pick me up from school so I was getting bullied a little less once enough of the “cool kids” had seen this. He started to say certain little things, like he would mention how he didn’t think my friends were very good for me because they all seem to leave me out sometimes & said maybe they’re just using me. He’d say “maybe it’s cause you’re bigger than the other girls, but they’re only using that as an excuse cause they’re jealous of you” breaking me down and giving me a compliment at the same time was his favourite game & the put downs about my body have been something that I have never been able to get over. He’d say “I love everything about you…not like your friends who just seem to use you. They’re so two faced” I believed every single word until I had pushed all of my friends away. I relied on him for every bit of emotional support I needed & at 14 when you have so many things to go through already you really do need someone. My Mum didn’t like him but knew I wasn’t going to stop seeing him so we just didn’t have a lot to do with each other. He put a wedge between me & everyone. All I wanted to do was be with him because he had time for me & made me feel like I was grown up & took me away from all of those horrible people who didn’t really care about me & who lied to me & laughed behind my back.

Skip a few years….He wanted to get out of this town. I’d left school & my Mother had given up a year before that & let him move in to the spare room. The people here were just not his type of people and he knew he could get a job if we moved to his home town. I left my college course half way through & we moved…100 miles away from the few people I had left in my life. I felt so alone. He would go to work & I was stuck in the middle of a village, in his mate’s, mum’s spare, single, box room…There was no bus & even if there was I had no money to get it. I didn’t drive, the house was like something you see on telly on those ‘Life of Grime’ type programs…When you sat in the bath you could feel the rats hitting the bottom of it underneath you. I’d be scared to step out. The woman we lived with was an alcoholic. She would lie on the sofa and couldn’t quite reach the ashtray on the coffee table so she would stand her fags upright in a line on the edge of the table & let them burn out. I was trapped. I had no money. Everything he earned he spent on cars (he was one of them idiots) I lost a lot of weight because I was only really eating plain pasta, I’d cooked in the microwave that my grandparents had sent which I had set up on the floor in the corner of the room. I hated my life.

We were finally able to move back to my home town when he lost his job for stealing car parts (which of course he had an explanation for) & could no longer afford the very little food we were surviving on or the £20 rent he was paying for us each week. I was so happy to be home. I started to see my friends again a little bit & was looking at going back to college…Then he decided we should have a baby. I was unsure. I wanted a child to love & to love me back but I wanted to have a good job & money behind me first & I was only 17 & a half when he said this. He promised me that if we were to have a baby, that yes, we would have our child a little before we had planned, but, it would create a stepping stone for us & give us the break we needed to get some help with finding somewhere of our own to live because my grandparents would be sure to help if we had a baby coming. He promised me that as soon as we had a bit of a head start he would then be more likely to get a good job & bring money in & we could settle. Again, this broken kid I was believed him.

My gorgeous daughter was born in 2007. She was the absolute apple of my eye. I would just sit in awe of her just smiling because I’d finally done something worthwhile, the happiest Mummy in the world. She was perfect. She is still perfect. I am so, so,very proud of her.

So, things were alright for a while we had gotten a flat like he expected once I was pregnant, courtesy of my beautiful grandparents, whom I wish so badly I could make my selfish behaviour up to. I was in all the time because all I wanted to do was be with my little girl so I had no need to go out with friends or see family all the time & if I did pop out to see my family I could do it whilst he was at work so the place stayed clean after my morning tidy…I was too busy to do anything else. My daughter was my life & I was incredibly grateful to my new fiance for giving me this chance to be so important to this gorgeous little human.

Time went on & it got harder again. At one point I had angered him so much that he hit me with his car, but, I was lucky enough to not get too hurt, just a few bruises on my ankle & the embarrassment of him seeing me not look my best. I had noticed him talking to other girls a lot & not coming home until really late. I’d tried to get to the bottom of it a few times but was given excuses & everything was explainable & of course he loved me & things were going to get better but I must just be so emotional and hormonal because of having a baby & feeling bad about my stretch marks & missing sleep” He said it was all in my head & laughed at me & would make me feel really stupid & tell me I was turning into one of those psycho jealous girlfriends (turns out he had been seeing at least 2 other girls, but I wouldn’t find this out until way later). He started to get angry more & more & we would argue & he would threaten to leave us, all alone. I was scared because I didn’t feel like I had anyone else I’d pushed them all away & I believed in couples staying together & trying to be a proper Mum & dad because I didn’t have that.

We had ups & downs & I got hurt a lot but it was for me to fix because I’d pushed him to it & I’d deserved it. I should have been less annoying & more grateful for all that he’d given me. He was stressed with work & I had asked him to help by doing things I should have been doing like feeding our little girl a bottle whilst I washed up, or, I’d pissed him off because he had made plans & I hadn’t cooked dinner at the right time…I should have known he likes to go out with his friends or to steal more car parts from scrapyards in the early evenings.

I never saw him once show any sign of aggression towards our child though. I mean to be fair he wasn’t really around an awful lot, but, when he was he would sometimes hold her or be in the same room as us & be O.K. which was an improvement as he had spent a long time setting up a model village in the big cupboard in the bedroom ignoring us. We married at the end of March 2008 & got our little girl christened at the same time. I thought I’d made it. I was lucky to have ‘everything’ at such a young age…A big, beautiful new home we had found few months before, a beautiful daughter & now a husband all before my 21st birthday (which he’d always said is when you start feeling really old & miserable)!

I fell pregnant again a little while later & was so happy when I found out that my little lady was going to have a baby brother. Our family really would be complete. Unfortunately, the mental abuse got worse & worse throughout this pregnancy but, still I felt lucky I wasn’t getting punched or thrown down & kicked in the head or stomach like I would usually get if I’d really done something to annoy him. I ended up with a few complications & this was really inconvenient for him…I was pissing him off with all the stupid extra appointments I needed to go to. Again I felt guilty & spent a lot of time asking my mother to take to to secret appointments whilst he was at work…appointments I’d hope my mother wouldn’t mention after as she wasn’t aware they were secret (another thing that pushed me away from others…having to lie for him & to him about ridiculous things that should not cause an issue & then being terrified of being found out).

After an extremely scary emergency C-Section I woke up to see these gorgeous big deep blue ocean looking eyes staring at me. He was finally here! My boy. The little dude who would grow up to respect everyone & look after his big sister in that cute, annoying way you see brothers doing in all the movies. I was so happy.

I was pleased to get home I missed our little girl so much while she wasn’t visiting with my mother, in the 2 nights I was in Hospital. I’d never been away from her before. She had a huge smile on her face taking me by the hand & showing her baby brother where he would live. The first few weeks went by & things were calm. Everything seemed to be good.

2 days before my lovely little price with those totally bewitching, big, blue eyes turned 8 weeks old, my old friend had invited me to his birthday party. It was his 21st & we were all finally going to meet his boyfriend. I hadn’t seen anyone for ages but I was allowed out as I’d promised to buy things for my husband with the little money I had as payment for babysitting for me. I was so nervous to leave them to go ‘out, out’ because I knew I’d miss them as much as they’d miss me, but I needed it & I missed everyone so much, it’d been so long!

We arrived at the party a few towns away & I very much enjoyed my first drink of the evening. We danced a little & laughed as we caught up. We walked over to the photo booth to get some key rings to remember the night & all struck our best poses. As the flash hit my eyes, I noticed a small vibration from my bag. I had 3 missed calls. I hadn’t heard my phone..Worried, I ran outside with a friend & called back…I say worried but I kind of expected this phone call to go something like..”how long do I need to heat this bottle up in hot water for” or even “What time are you coming home cause I want you to bring me food home”……..That’s not what he said.

“You need to get to the hospital now!” he shouted, as I answered my phone. My heart skipped a beat and dropped into my stomach. “what’s happened!?” I asked panicked…”He’s stopped breathing you need to get here now!”…I totally broke down & ran for a taxi as fast as I could yelling to explain to my friend who was trying to keep up with me wondering what the hell was going on. It was the longest taxi ride ever…& bless the taxi driver who broke every limit to get me there faster & gave me those few extra moments with my boy. If I could reach him now I would tell him what an amazing human being he is & tell him how very grateful I am.

I knew deep down as soon as I saw & touched him that he was already gone. He was so tiny led on this huge bed in the emergency room with hundred of wires & tubes & things attached to him. He was pale & cold to touch & felt different…Something in me at that exact second was broken forever…a switch had been flipped. As well as the huge devastation I felt…Something suddenly made me hate the man I had called my husband even before I knew what had happened. They worked on my boy for hours but at 4 am they informed us there was nothing more they could do. We were moved to a private room to hold him while he was still on life support, but then it was time to say goodbye for the last time & then wait as he passed away in my arms.

His skin changed so quickly he looked like a beautiful little doll. I didn’t want to let him go & it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life, but, I also wanted to see my daughter so much & hold her & make sure she was alright.

I’m going to leave it at that tonight and finish this on my next blog which I know will make it all upside down but it’s quite draining to go over, sorry.

I will just say…Kiss your babies an extra time tonight, look at their beautiful little faces & love them more than anything & anyone else. Also keep tuned if you’re in a bad relationship because I want to help.

P.S.T. …wtf is that?!

O.K. now this is going to be extremely difficult for some people, but have you ever tried positive self talk? It’s an incredible tool!

If you’re anything like me then you will be thinking “oh, piss off” at this point…but read on, because, it can actually be so powerful…I mean think about it this way…..You get called “stupid”…you think “what a dick”, but then you’re called “stupid” again and again and again and again …after a while it really does start to have a negative impact on the way you feel about yourself…you start to believe it has to be true. It’s the same with looks. You hear “alright fatty” because you’re eating something naughty…think nothing of it…laugh it off. But then what happens if then every time you eat anything a comment like that is made!? It becomes a huge deal you end up with a complex…you start to wish you were that dust they used to pour over the fire at the end of the story on my favourite childhood T.V. show ‘Are You Afraid Of The Dark’…(I mean I don’t actually think that dust was human ashes but you get it…Dead AF).

So, why shouldn’t this work the other way around too? Try it…Tell yourself 3 good things, about you, every morning…You should repeat these 3 things to yourself 10x over whilst you get ready…after these statements start to feel like they could maybe actually be true, then add a new one to the list and so on…I mean nobody likes a cocky dick head, but we don’t like a miserable twat either so get on it.

I’ll start… 1. My hair is smooth and shiny AF and I love that. 2. I’m a good person. 3. People would be lucky to have me as a friend.

To some people reading that will make you think I am actually a bit stuck up…if you feel this way, it’s probably because you’re so used to being pushed down and held back, that you can’t see things like this about yourself anymore, so you don’t understand how others can and also it reminds you of the way too over the top user of P.S.T. dick face, who is, your abuser.

P.S.T. doesn’t mean you’re being like him. It just means you build on your self confidence and start having some respect for yourself. Which makes you a stronger person and able to handle yourself, because, you believe in yourself! I have a long way to go…God there are hundreds of things I am very self-conscious about…which will never all go away but getting rid of some of the shit list has gotta help right!?

…my 3 positive comments are 100% true though. My hair is always shiny and doesn’t really knot…I can get up and not brush it and nobody would ever know, unless we’ve had a really good “session” (literally the only time my hair knots😂🙌🏼). I do believe I am a good person. Yes, I have made stupid mistakes in the past, that I have had to deal with, but, my heart is in the right place and I would help anyone if I thought that I could. I don’t like to see other people unhappy, unless, you know, it was an evil, abuser or mass murderer or something! Then, I wouldn’t waste my time caring or even thinking about them, just their victims. Last but not least my number 3…I don’t have a lot of close friends but the few I do, I would do anything for and always try to be there for them and love them to bits and I can’t imagine ever arguing with them. So yes, I have the right to remind myself of this and be proud of it…

Seriously give it a go…you have to keep it up though! It will soon start to feel really good! 🙌🏻🤘🏻🥰

Who can relate?

I remember this thing that used to happen quite often….when he would do things like walk ahead of me, not with me…or he lay next to me sleeping soundly after really upsetting me…. I remember just staring at the back of his head as he walked or staring at his stupid face as he slept and just thinking ….Hmmmm if a big brick were to smash your head in right this moment….I wouldn’t be upset…. I’d buy the brick a drink maybe…😂 I remember looking in disgust and literally feeling pure hatred until I had to look away. But then of course, he would make things all better again by being nice for 5 minutes and promising me that everything was going to be O.K.