P.S.T. …wtf is that?!

O.K. now this is going to be extremely difficult for some people, but have you ever tried positive self talk? It’s an incredible tool!

If you’re anything like me then you will be thinking “oh, piss off” at this point…but read on, because, it can actually be so powerful…I mean think about it this way…..You get called “stupid”…you think “what a dick”, but then you’re called “stupid” again and again and again and again …after a while it really does start to have a negative impact on the way you feel about yourself…you start to believe it has to be true. It’s the same with looks. You hear “alright fatty” because you’re eating something naughty…think nothing of it…laugh it off. But then what happens if then every time you eat anything a comment like that is made!? It becomes a huge deal you end up with a complex…you start to wish you were that dust they used to pour over the fire at the end of the story on my favourite childhood T.V. show ‘Are You Afraid Of The Dark’…(I mean I don’t actually think that dust was human ashes but you get it…Dead AF).

So, why shouldn’t this work the other way around too? Try it…Tell yourself 3 good things, about you, every morning…You should repeat these 3 things to yourself 10x over whilst you get ready…after these statements start to feel like they could maybe actually be true, then add a new one to the list and so on…I mean nobody likes a cocky dick head, but we don’t like a miserable twat either so get on it.

I’ll start… 1. My hair is smooth and shiny AF and I love that. 2. I’m a good person. 3. People would be lucky to have me as a friend.

To some people reading that will make you think I am actually a bit stuck up…if you feel this way, it’s probably because you’re so used to being pushed down and held back, that you can’t see things like this about yourself anymore, so you don’t understand how others can and also it reminds you of the way too over the top user of P.S.T. dick face, who is, your abuser.

P.S.T. doesn’t mean you’re being like him. It just means you build on your self confidence and start having some respect for yourself. Which makes you a stronger person and able to handle yourself, because, you believe in yourself! I have a long way to go…God there are hundreds of things I am very self-conscious about…which will never all go away but getting rid of some of the shit list has gotta help right!?

…my 3 positive comments are 100% true though. My hair is always shiny and doesn’t really knot…I can get up and not brush it and nobody would ever know, unless we’ve had a really good “session” (literally the only time my hair knots😂🙌🏼). I do believe I am a good person. Yes, I have made stupid mistakes in the past, that I have had to deal with, but, my heart is in the right place and I would help anyone if I thought that I could. I don’t like to see other people unhappy, unless, you know, it was an evil, abuser or mass murderer or something! Then, I wouldn’t waste my time caring or even thinking about them, just their victims. Last but not least my number 3…I don’t have a lot of close friends but the few I do, I would do anything for and always try to be there for them and love them to bits and I can’t imagine ever arguing with them. So yes, I have the right to remind myself of this and be proud of it…

Seriously give it a go…you have to keep it up though! It will soon start to feel really good! 🙌🏻🤘🏻🥰

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