Wow, I’m relieved that one’s over…

Shit…I can breath now…I’m feeling like I needed to do those last 2 blog posts and I’m truly sorry if it’s upset anyone, but, I want to get my point across as strongly as I could, that as much as you think you can predict someone else’s actions and think you know them….Well, you can’t and you don’t. People like him are shit and unfortunately things like this do happen more than other people realise! Since this happened to us (my daughter and I), I have spoken to and heard of countless other women who have been through similar situations and they never once, not in a million years, expected it to end that way, otherwise they would have definitely gotten help and gotten out before then!

We only really know ourselves and even then, sometimes we make mistakes and think shit why did I do that?!

Trust your gut, if something tells you “this doesn’t feel right”…You’re rarely wrong with gut feelings…I had a gut feeling he was a wanker for years but put up with it. I can’t even explain how much I regret that now!

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